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OZ TRAILS, Inc. OG Trail Boss guards are specifically designed for hiking, biking and UTV trails. Designed to meet H-15 Specifications, these Trail Boss guards are used and recommended by state and federal agencies. These guards are available in multiple lengths and configurations. Specifically desi..
THOR Ammo Amnesty Box
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Whether it’s a bad primer in a brand new factory round or a case of corroded milsurp rifle ammo, at some point you’re going to have to deal with the issue of what to do with ammunition that’s faulty or not fit to shoot. A lot of shooting ranges have a bucket somewhere in the corner for shooters t..
THOR Custom Rifle Bench
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This is a custom Rifle bench, made to be used by right hand or left hand shooters. These benches are made for all kinds of shooting positions and can be a great part of target shooting as well as great for sighting in Iron Sights up to Long Range Scopes on almost any caliber weapon.  ..
THOR Recoil Control Safety Guard THOR Recoil Control Safety Guard
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This is a Recoil control safety guard, that is to be drilled into a surface and be used to help prevent high caliber rifles from having a dangerous barrel rise causing bullets to travel to high I.E. over berms and safety lanes. This will help keep your bullets going down range as well at a reasonabl..
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